The attorneys at Shipman & Wright are highly experienced family lawyers who appreciate the importance of experienced legal counsel in any family law matter.

Every family can face a whole range of legal issues. Issues can come up over child custody, a marriage may come to an end, a carefully drafted prenuptial agreement or a current divorce needs an attorney that understands the nuances of family law. When you and your family needs assistance in these tough times, Shipman & Wright is there to help you throughout the entire process.

Our Wilmington family and divorce lawyers have the experience, dedication, and sympathy to give you the peace of mind you need to make smart, sound, well-informed decisions.

Our lawyers have years of practical experience and in-depth knowledge of the local judicial system in New Hanover, Pender, Brunswick, and Columbus counties. As experienced family law attorneys, we understand the essential role legal counsel plays in these types of matters.

The issues in family law can be sensitive. A seasoned family law attorney is essential to navigating the many challenges in divorce, equitable distribution, child custody and other family matters.​

Our firm offers compassionate and thorough legal services based on in-depth knowledge in all areas of Family Law. Our attorneys are particularly experienced in:


Equitable Distribution of Assets

Post – Separation Support, Child Support, and Alimony.


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